How To Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting Or Exercise?


Don’t have a gym membership?

Too lazy to strap on your shoes and go for a run?  Want to lose weight but don’t really want to diet?

We feel your pain.  Sometimes hitting the gym or preparing healthy meals can be a serious drain on your energy levels.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight!  In fact, if you make these simple changes, you too may be able to get your bikini body in no time at all.

(Results may vary.  Going to the gym, exercising, and eating right could only DOUBLE if not TRIPLE your results.
Just keep that in mind)

1. Substitute, Substitute, Substitute

Have a slice of cake on your plate?  How about a few too many servings of pasta?

One of the easiest ways to cut down on extra calories (which could eventually lead to fat gain) would be to substitute higher calorie foods with lower calorie ones.

Switch out your cake with a cup of strawberries and add some steamed veggies to replace those extra servings of pasta.

These lower calorie foods could help you cut way back on calories, which should lead to some inches being erased from your waistline.

2. Eat High Fiber, High Protein Foods

High fiber and higher protein foods are great for boosting your weight loss without adding extra time to the gym.

Both fiber and protein have been shown to boost satiety—or the feeling of satisfaction—after a meal.

Plus, you don’t need to eat a lot of these foods to feel full and satisfied.  A 6 ounce piece of chicken contains between 24 and 31 grams of metabolism-boosting protein.

These two types of foods should take up the majority of space on your plate.

Trust me; your waistline will LOVE it!

3. Watch What You Drink

The first rule of thumb to losing weight: Drink plenty of water!

Since water is zero calories, drinking water throughout the day may result in inches dropped.

But, this is a perfect world—one free of soda, fruit juices, and smoothies—all of which add way too many calories to your day.

By avoiding high calorie drinks, you may see faster results—just in time for bikini season.

What about diet soda?  Since diet soda contains zero calories, many people feel they can drink lots of it.

However, many studies show that diet soda may cause unwanted weight gain, could lead to diabetes, and may even cause bloating.

4. Keep Meals Well-Timed

Well-timed meals are necessary for keeping the weight off your belly, hips, or thighs.

Breaking up your meals into smaller portions throughout the day could stabilize your blood sugar levels, which could prevent energy crashes later.

Plus, keeping those meals evenly spaced may spike your metabolism and help you keep the fat at bay for a lot longer than eating once or twice a day.

Also, eating more balanced throughout the day could prevent those late-afternoon cravings for junk foods and desserts, which only add sugar, fat, and other fillers to your day.

5. Dark Chocolate for Dessert

Dark chocolate contains powerful antioxidants and nutrients that help you burn fat and stay fit.

However, dark chocolate does contain a lot of calories.  So, in order to get all the fat-busting benefits of dark chocolate--have a small square after lunch or dinner.

This will satisfy your sweet tooth all while helping you to burn extra fat!

Take Home Message

No gym?  Not interested in a diet?  No problem!

By making some smarter choices when you eat (not really dieting), you can drop the weight and get ready for bikini season!

If you follow the FIVE tips from above, you may be able to shed the winter (and spring) weight and get finally get ready for summer.

However, it should be noted, that if you do decide to start a well-balanced eating plan and a sound exercise program, you may double—if not TRIPLE—your results!

So, for a faster metabolism and an easier time shedding the excess belly flab, try these tips on for size.

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