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This INVISIBLE Substance Contributes To The Battle Of The Bulge


Once this substance gets into your muscle then whole body insulin resistance starts to occur. 

That means every calorie you consume is less going to be burned for energy and instead will be stored as fat.  

It isn't just about how many calories we eat.  

It is also the environment we live in that influences weight loss success or not.  

Make sure you watch this short Nutrition Quickie video and learn how to defeat the battle of the bulge. 


Now that we know it isn't just about the calories we consume let's make sure you are optimizing your body and all 6 of your fat burning hormones. 

Answer these 8 short questions and you will soon discover the best foods to eat for your body type and how best to optimize your body to release all 6 of your fat burning hormones 24 hours a day. 

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