Two Ways To Stop DEADLY Inflammation In Its Tracks

There is a battle RAGING in your body.

The lines have been drawn.  The forces are in line.

Every hour, minute, and second, your body is in a fight to keep cells alive.

And…aging SPEEDS up the fight. 

Certain cells need to be destroyed.  They are destroyed and then replaced by new, healthy, and stronger cells.

The battle is against FREE RADICALS.

Most cells in your body are stable.  Free radicals are NOT.

Free radicals, unstable molecules in the body, roam around looking for cells to help stabilize them.

How?  By STEALING electrons from stable cells!

And stealing is a BIG problem!

This stealing causes a cascade effect, resulting in DAMAGE to cells, which may eventually lead to CELL DEATH.

How does it lead to cell death?

When a free radical encounters a stable molecule, it takes an electron, which stabilizes it.  This stealing creates the other molecule to become unstable, therefore making it a free radical.

This free radical then searches out another stable cell.  With only one purpose: to steal an electron to stabilize it.

Give me a minute to explain free radicals.

Free radicals occur naturally through cellular metabolism and the breakdown of oxygen during aerobic metabolism.

Take for example your immune system.

Your immune system produces and sends out an army of free radicals to destroy viruses and bacteria that are harmful for your health.

These free radicals are beneficial to your health since they neutralize toxins and keep you healthy and strong.

What happens, though, when free radicals are a result from the outside and not from in YOUR body?

Yes, free radicals also occur as a result of outside sources.

Exposure to tobacco smoke, air pollution, and the metabolism of solvent drugs, pesticides, and exposure to radiation also produce free radicals in your body.

So how do free radicals cause damage? 

Your body cannot handle an overabundance of free radicals.  This may result in damage to polyunsaturated fats in the body, cell membranes, and proteins which are crucial for normal cellular development. It creates what is called Inflamm-aging.  

Free radicals react with other cells and compounds leading to damage and mutation in cells like your DNA.  This mutation may be the first steps in the development of certain diseases, like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Here are common diseases which are a DIRECT result of free radical damage in YOUR body:

However, there are ways to STABILIZE FREE RADICALS naturally!

The first way is already in your cell. 

The mitochondria are tiny powerhouses in your cells which also hold antioxidants.  The antioxidants in the mitochondria are your body’s natural defense system against free radicals.

However, this defense system does not work perfectly. 

The result; increased free radicals which lead to cellular damage.

The second way increases antioxidants with the help from a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables contain a high amount of antioxidants. 

And these antioxidants may stabilize free radicals in your body.

When free radicals bump into antioxidants, they steal the electron and stabilize themselves.  However, there is a BIG difference between normal cells and antioxidants.

Antioxidants ALWAYS stay stable even when they lose an electron.  This may keep free radicals in check.

Antioxidants are SCAVENGERS, always searching for a free radical to donate an electron to.    When free radicals happen upon an antioxidant, they bump into it and promptly steal an electron.

But this is OK! 

The antioxidant doesn’t really care, because it stays stable, and makes an unstable molecule, STABLE again!

It is the natural job of antioxidants to prevent disease and damage in your body!

However, sometimes antioxidants fail to do their job.

It just part of nature!

This makes the body release enzymes which destroy the free radicals and repair the damage to cells and other organs.

You have heard the term oxidative stress!   Well, damage caused by the buildup of free radicals is called oxidative stress, simply because of the damage it causes to cells and their membranes.

What happens when two free radicals join together to form a super radical?

A super radical is when two free radicals bind together and share electrons.  These super radicals can then transform through another chemical reaction causing them to become much more dangerous and intense radicals. 

This radical creates EVEN MORE damage to cells. This may SPEED UP the disease-forming process.

Antioxidants break down super radicals, thereby preventing this damage from occurring.

Free radicals occur due to multiple internal and external sources.  A build up of free radicals damage cells and may permanently mutate DNA-enhancing disease progression.

Including fruits and vegetables in your diet helps raise antioxidant levels which may stabilize free radicals, all while maintaining their own stability.

Increasing antioxidants, especially essential vitamins like E and C, may help fight free radical damage in YOUR cells.

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