Is Your Fat Loss Plan Missing These Two Key Components?

Are you in between the ages of 19 and 45?

Have you tried diet plan after diet plan, with minimal or NO results?

Have you stopped using dairy because of fear of too many CALORIES?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you MAY be halting your weight loss.

WITHOUT even knowing it!

Let me explain…


If you are like a lot of women and men out there, you might have tried every diet imaginable to lose weight.

You count and cut calories.

You AVOID high-fat foods.

You may even stop having dairy because it contains calories and FAT, which you THINK may ruin your diet plan.

Dairy may help you LOSE WEIGHT

What you do not know is that you MAY be depriving your body of EXACTLY what it needs to lose weight.

High Protein and Calcium

You already know that protein contains essential amino acids which are vital to maintaining muscle mass on your body.

Muscle mass keeps your FAT BURNING MACHINE working

And you may already know that low Vitamin D levels may INCREASE FAT STORES.

But what you DO NOT KNOW is this:

 Take Vitamin D and Protein and mix them together,
and you may have a NEW SECRET formula for weight loss success


Give me a second to explain…

In a recent study out of Canada, participants were randomly assigned to one of four groups: high protein and high dairy, adequate protein, medium-dairy and adequate protein, low dairy.

The results were ASTONISHING!

They found that ALL lost weight.

But the group with HIGH PROTEIN and HIGH DAIRY lost more ABDOMINAL fat than their counterparts.

They attributed this to a number of different factors.

The HIGH PROTEIN, HIGH DAIRY group showed increases in a number of different health markers.

They noticed an increase in adiponectin and a decrease in leptin.

As a review, adiponectin is released from your FAT tissue, and may regulate glucose homeostasis and fat oxidation.

Low levels of adiponectin may result in increased body weight.

Leptin may control your energy balance.

Leptin is a hormone that is also released from your FAT cells.

And when you have low levels of leptin or no leptin, there may be a sharp increase in appetite which may lead to increased weight and FAT ACCUMULATION.

Adiponectin and leptin complement each other and work together to maintain energy balance.

The researchers also noticed an increase in osteocalcin, which is released from your bones, and may also increase insulin secretion and may exhibit better blood sugar control.

Besides weight loss around your abdominals and overall body weight reduction, they also noticed an increase in bone growth and density.

A HIGH PROTEIN and HIGH DAIRY diet, in combination with exercise,
 showed greater effects on bone development and strength

They found it much more favorable than a diet LOW in PROTEIN and DAIRY.

You Are What You Eat

Those who ate a HIGH-PROTEIN and HIGH-DAIRY diet lost more WEIGHT and improved the health of their bones compared to other diets.

A high-protein and high-dairy diet may regulate specific hormones in your body, which may control energy balance and appetite.

There may also be significant increases in 2-hydroxyvitamin D, which may strengthen bones and may regulate blood sugar and body weight.

Maintaining bone strength is vital to preventing fractures as you age.

For those worried about extra hormones and higher calories, be sure to choose low fat options and organic or hormone-free products.

High protein and high dairy may be beneficial to maintain optimal health.

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Josse, AR. Atkinson, SA. Tamopolsky, MA. Philips, SM. Diets Higher in Dairy Foods and Dietary Protein Support Bone Health during Diet- and Exercise- Induced Weight Loss in Overweight and Obese Premenopausal Women. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2011. [Epub ahead of print]

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