How The Air You Breathe Is Making You Sick And Fat

It’s crazy to think about…

But people still continue to smoke!  Although the annual sales for tobacco cigarettes has declined significantly since 2004, the annual sales are still expected to be in the billions.

Now, you – and everyone else – knows that smoking may cause heart disease, emphysema, COPD, and of course, lung cancer.  But did you know it may also contribute to fat gain?

And not just smoking itself, but second-hand smoke exposure seems to be a major culprit in the battle of the bulge.

Really, it’s true!

Smoke Exposure and Fat Gain

Smoking is a nasty habit that millions of people have either kicked to the curb or they have continued to smoke – even though many states and eateries have banned smoking in public places or where people tend to congregate and eat.

However, that hasn’t stopped many people from continuing to smoke – even with some pretty dire consequences.

But here’s the thing…

Even if you don’t smoke – but hang around a smoker – you could be putting yourself at risk for many different chronic diseases – and fat gain.

You see, a new study shows that cigarette smoke increases the production of ceramide in your lungs.

Now, when you have more ceramide production in your lungs, this could increase the amount of ceramide in your muscles.

And this is not good for your fat loss!

Excess ceramide levels in your skeletal muscle – all due to exposure to cigarette smoke (both smoking and second hand smoke) – may result in insulin resistance, altered mitochondrial respiration (a sign of fat being used for energy), and other serious metabolic changes.

And when you combine these metabolic changes with your “normal” Western type diet (high in refined carbs, sugar, and fats), then you could see a dramatic change in your waistline.

Not for the better, I should add!

This altered state of metabolic activity – namely the insulin resistance – could lead to added fat to your love handles, saddlebags, or your table top booty.

Here is what the researchers concluded from their work: “Ceramide inhibition prevents metabolic disruption in muscle cells with smoke exposure and may explain whole body insulin resistance and mitochondrial dysfunction in vivo.”

Take Home Message

Smoking is one of the nastiest habits around.  Not only does it lead to diseases such as heart disease, lung disease, and cancer, it also adds a yellowish tint to your skin and nails.

And let’s not talk about the god awful smell of your clothing, car interior, or your house!

Now you can add in fat gain to the list of negatives around smoking – even the exposure to second-hand smoke.

A new study shows that cigarette smoke exposure increases the products of a fat in your lungs (ceramides) that could eventually lead to whole body insulin resistance.

And this insulin resistance may lead to added fat gain – especially when you eat a poor diet!

So, here’s the bottom line: If you smoke – or are constantly around someone who smokes – then you could be putting your metabolism at serious risk.

And this could be one of the MAIN reasons why you can’t get a flat, toned belly!

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