This 1 Food Sweeps Your Arteries Clean?

It has been shown that too many carbohydrates in your diet may be bad for your health.

However, you should understand WHICH TYPE is bad for your health.

There are two types of carbohydrates – refined and unrefined.  One is good for you, and the other may not be so good for you!

Refined carbs – which are carbohydrates that are stripped of fiber, nutrients, and bran – could lead to greater fat accumulation, higher triglyceride levels, and weight gain.

And, if you haven’t heard, refined carbs have also been shown to spike insulin levels.

When there is too much insulin present in your body, then your chances of developing insulin resistance (one risk factor associated with metabolic syndrome) greatly increases.

On the other hand – unrefined carbs – still have their nutrient profile intact.

And this may cause a lower insulin response – which could decrease your triglyceride levels.

So what is the SOLUTION to the problem?

Egg yolks!

Egg Yolk and Triglyceride Levels

As you know, eggs are a great source of complete proteins, which are perfect for weight loss.

However, many people tend to shy away from eggs, due to the cholesterol found in the yolks.

And - for a great majority of people - to get the benefit of eggs, they turn to an egg substitute, which is an egg product that is stripped of the yolk.

However, a new study shows that eating whole eggs – in combination with a lower carbohydrate diet – may hold better health benefits than previously thought.

Here’s what they found:

They found that people who consumed THREE WHOLE EGGS (yolk included) a day - with 25 to 30 percent of their diet coming from unrefined carbohydrates - had some dramatic changes to their blood work.

In fact, they found whole egg eaters had increased HDL cholesterol levels and a greater number of LARGER HDL cholesterol particles…

A decrease in VLDL cholesterol levels…

And a reduction in medium VLDL cholesterol particles!

Plus, those who ate the whole egg – when compared to those who ate the egg substitute – showed a decrease in plasma insulin levels…

A decrease in insulin resistance…

And both HDL and LDL diameters INCREASED over time!

They concluded:


“Incorporating daily whole egg intake into a moderately carbohydrate-restricted diet provides further improvements in the atherogenic lipoprotein profile and insulin resistance in individuals with MetS.”

So, Here’s What to Do

In order to change your lipid and insulin profiles, you need to do two things.

1. You need to include more unrefined carbohydrates and less refined carbohydrates:

Include more fruits and vegetables like apples, apricots, asparagus, beets, cabbage, and carrots and limit your intake of white breads, pastas, and flours.

Remember, refined carbohydrates have been shown to increase your insulin levels, while unrefined carbohydrates have been linked to better insulin and blood sugar control.

2. Include whole eggs into your diet:

This study showed that eating THREE WHOLE EGGS per day was linked to improvements in blood lipid profiles.

Although many people stay away from whole eggs – the yolk in particular – this study could provide evidence that whole eggs and the yolk may improve your lipid levels.

Including these TWO tips – along with a moderate carbohydrate-restricted diet – may lead to better overall health, improvements in heart health, better lipid profiles, and potential improvements in risk for metabolic syndrome.


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